About LogicBit

We were found in September 2014. Our CEO is Matthijs Logemann, a sixteen year old iOS and Android developer.

From our CEO: "Hey there! I'm Matthijs, I'm 16 years old and I love programming iOS and Android apps. I started programming when I was about 12 years old, a roster app for my secondary school. I loved programming so much that I continued doing it and made it my side job beside school. I think this is the best side job you can have, instead of doing a paper round or stocking shelves in the local supermarket :)

As I said I'm a full time student on the Revius Lyceum (Doorn, The Netherlands). Yes I'm also sporting! I'm playing judo, every week on Friday."

We want to create apps that people love. We want to connect people, make things easier and connect real life with the virtual life.

  • Easy to use
  • Clean and simple user interfaces
  • Connect people
  • Make things easier than they are now
  • And much much more!

Projects we've worked on


Listen to your favorite internet radiostation from anywhere in the world! JimmyFM is a dutch radio station where we have created an app for.

Thinking Cleaner (Android)

Thinking Cleaner is an add-on for your Roomba 500 or 600. With Thinking Cleaner, Roomba can start automatically when you leave your home, stop cleaning when you arrive home and it will keep you up to date about the progress of your Roomba.


REDO-Nieuws is a schoolpaper app for my secondary school. Pupils always throw the paper version of the schoolpaper away, so we thought why not make an app for that! All articles are written by pupils of our school. The app contains photos and videos made by pupils and you can even win some cool prizes with surveys and games!

WWDC Scholars

Together with a team of other Apple WWDC 2015 Scholarship winners, we created an app to see all the winners, their app and contact them.

More coming soon

Stay tuned for more projects!

Let's Work Together!

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